Notice of Admission to Shenyang Jianzhu University for Overseas International Students in 2020 Fall Semester
2020-09-09   审核人:

Welcome to apply to study in Shenyang Jianzhu University.

Shenyang Jianzhu University is a higher education institution jointly supported by MOHURD and Liaoning Province, with the architecture and civil engineering as the specialties and advantages, and takes engineering as the priority and mulch-disciplinaries harmonious development of engineering, management, science, art, agronomy, fine arts, etc. The university has established partnership, research or cooperative education relationship with over 60 universities from over 40 countries, such as University of Miami, UIC, U.S., University of Sheffield, UK, UTS, Australia, Politecnico di Milano, Italy. etc. It is State Council first group university for international students, university for Chinese government scholarship international students, and university for Liaoning Provincial scholarship international PhD students.

Because of the Covid-19 prevention and control, and in order to satisfy the overseas international students’ study needs, Shenyang jianzhu University opens the “on line+” education, here comes the details.

1.The international students finish the on line application, the application website is

2.The university makes the evaluation to the applications, and issue admission notice for those who pass the application evaluation.

3. After receiving the admission notice, the international students pay the application fee and tuition fee(mark name and passport number as payment notice), and send the payment invoice to The fees list as follow.

Application fee500RMB

Tuition fee

Bachelor program4 years):15000RMB/year

Master program2.5 years):18000RMB/year

Doctor program3—5 years):32000RMB/year

Architecture Bachelor program5 years):18000RMB/year

Architecture Master program3 years):20000RMB/year

Architecture Doctor program3-5 years):35000RMB/year

4. After confirmation of students’ fee payment, the university makes on line

registering and opens on line teaching for international students. The credits the students gained will mark into the university certification record system, same as the in class teaching.

5. After Covid-19 is done, the university will apply visa documents for

international students. If the international students can not come to study in the university because of visa issues, the university will refund 70% of the tuition then, and provide study certificate and transcript for students. The refund tuition is settled according to the real-time exchange rate, and the transfer fee and bank service fee shall be borne by students themselves.

6. International School of Shenyang Jianzhu University reserves the final

explanation to Notice of Admission to Shenyang Jianzhu University for Overseas International Students in 2020 Fall Semester.

Choose Shenyang Jianzhu University, Build your life dream.


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